Colour and Light in Reimagined Healthcare Environments (IIDEX)

IIDEX 2017

29 November – 30 November 2017, 10am – 5pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

 Conceptual Model Birth Environment

Colour and Light in Reimagined Healthcare Environments

While most women are opting to have their babies in a hospital, there is a growing desire and need across the globe for a less medicalized birth experience. Making birth spaces more homelike is a goal for birthing room designers, although, labour and delivery rooms retain a clinical feeling. The birth experience, according to recent studies, is important for the mental and physical health of mother and child.

This one-hour Colour Research Society of Canada seminar will explore the use of colour and light to create a birthing atmosphere that enhances the embodied experience. Further, the development of a new paradigm for a birth space that privileges ‘normal birth’ (a term used internationally to refer to birth with limited medical intervention) will be explored.  This presentation will offer valuable insight across the healthcare design spectrum while challenging existing norms.

Doreen Balabanoff

Associate Professor, Environmental Design, Faculty of Design, OCAD University at OCAD University B.A., M.Arch.

Doreen Balabanoff is an accomplished artist and designer who has exhibited and published her work internationally. She teaches Environmental Design and is affiliated with several graduate programs at OCAD University in Toronto. In her recent PhD work at the School of Architecture, University College Dublin, Professor Balabanoff has done research on the development of a new paradigm for a birthspace that privileges birth with limited medical intervention. She is also the President of the Colour Research Society of Canada.

Nov 30, 2017 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Duration: 1.00 hour(s) Price: $50

Code: T36 Show(s): IIDEXCanada Location: North Building Credits:Accreditation(s): IDCEC, OAA Stream(s): Architectural & Interior Design;, Healthcare & Senior Living;, Lighting Design & Engineering;

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