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Colour : Couleur is the new Journal of the Colour Research Society of Canada. The mission of the Journal is to create an open-source, common space for discussion and dissemination of scholarly research and professional practice focused on Colour in Industry, Art and Design, Scientific disciplines, and Academia. The Journal will take advantage of the capabilities of current Web technologies, permitting contributors to embed visual and auditory elements into their submissions as necessary, even allowing multi-media submissions such as film and video, visual artworks or audio submissions.

Inaugural issue:

Crossing Sensory Boundaries: Synesthesia

Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is an independent film-maker who makes animated documentaries. Samantha gave a talk at our Crossing Sensory Boundaries Conference in 2013, and to have a look at her fascinating work, see her website.

In her film "An Eyeful of Sound" she notes 'I don't know if you've ever heard a goat eating carrots? It's almost too much, it's so lovely'
An Eyeful of Sound is a collaboration between animator Samantha Moore, Dr Jamie Ward and a group of people with audio-visual synaesthesia.
The people with synaesthesia who are taking part in this project have a strong visual reaction to sound. When they hear sounds, speech, music or even the phone ringing they experience colours, shapes and movement. An Eyeful of Sound is a short animated documentary film which takes a selection of every day sounds and animates their responses together with the sound that inspired them. The sound track is designed and composed by Prix-Italia ward winning composer Adam Goddard, and the sound weaves an impressionistic and sensual sound portrait that fits perfectly - and synaesthetically - with the images.

Watch An Eyeful of Sound from Samantha Moore on Vimeo.

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