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Causes of Color

Excellent overview of causes of colour; part of WebExhibits online museum

Colour : Couleur

Colour : Couleur is the new Journal of the Colour Research Society of Canada. The mission of the Journal is to create an open-source, common space for discussion and dissemination of scholarly research and professional practice focused on Colour in Industry, Art and Design, Scientific disciplines, and Academia. The Journal will take advantage of the capabilities of current Web technologies, permitting contributors to embed visual and auditory elements into their submissions as necessary, even allowing multi-media submissions such as film and video, visual artworks or audio submissions.

Inaugural issue:

Crossing Sensory Boundaries: Synesthesia

Cosmos vs. Canvas

Cosmos vs Canvas: Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images
Speaker:  Dr. Jayanne English

Abstract:  Bold colour images from telescopes act as extraordinary ambassadors for astronomers because they pique the public's curiosity.  But are they snapshots documenting physical reality?  Or are we looking at artistic spacescapes created by digitally manipulating astronomy images? This lecture provides a tour of how original black and white data are converted into the colour images gracing magazines. Often the attempt by scientists to represent their discoveries all but drowns out the voice of visual literacy. Yet sometimes in this battle, between the cultures of science and visual art, both sides win. This struggle will be presented from the perspective of a professional astronomer who has coordinated the Hubble Heritage Project and also trained as an artist. This lecture outlines how artistic techniques - such as colour contrast and composition - can be used to produce a more engaging scientific image with greater clarity for the non-expert public.

Date: Sunday April 13 2014, 2:00pm
Location: Propeller Gallery, 984 Queen St West, Toronto (just east of Ossington)

Dr. English is a member of the Winnipeg chapter of the CRSC. She is an astronomer at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba, artist (graduate of the Ontario College of Art), and public educator. Dr. English studied at the Australian National University, did postdoctoral work at Queen's University and the Hubble Space Telescope Institute. She has given numerous interviews for CBC radio's Quirks and Quarks.
This lecture, co-sponsored by the CRSC, is part of the exhibition "Occam's Razor: Science, Art & Aesthetics", currently on at Propeller Gallery, and on at the Ontario Science Centre's !dea Gallery from May 3-June 1.

Philip Ball Lecture: Art & the Invention of Colour

Lecture on how the invention of new colour has impacted the artmaking process, and how the quest for colour drove the development of chemistry as an applied science

The Colour Light Centre at Zurich University of the Arts

The color-light center (FLZ) Zurich develops and implements research projects, conducts agency services from planning and implementing events / exhibitions and participates in international conferences on the subject of color and light, with a focus on the interaction between colored surfaces, space and light. In addition, the FLZ is advisory and point of contact for teaching projects, training events and workshops in the field of color and light. The center is connected to the Department of Design since 2008 and cooperates with the departments of Cultural Analysis and mediation, and Performing Arts and Film.

The Dimensions of Colour

Excellent overview of the dimensions of colour and light perception for painters & digital media artists; by David Briggs

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