Free Public Lecture, Celebrating the International Year of Light

Free Public Lecture
6:30 p.m. Monday, October 19, 2015
MS 3154, Medical Sciences Building
University of Toronto
1 King’s College Circle, Toronto
Celebrating the International Year of Light: 
The Power of Light to Influence Human Health
George C. Brainard, Ph.D. 
Department of Neurology, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Light is a potent stimulus for regulating human physiology and behavior. Light can restore health in clinical applications, such as treating winter depression and some sleep disorders.  Healthy people may benefit from light therapy to resolve circadian and sleep disruption associated with intercontinental jet travel, shift work and spaceflight. A new solid-state lighting system under development for the International Space Station will support astronauts’ vision as well as their sleep, health and performance . These advanced lighting technologies open the door to innovative architectural applications in public facilities, work places and homes. 
About the speaker
Dr. Brainard has directed Jefferson's Light Research Program since 1984. This program's research studies the effects of light on neuroendocrine physiology and circadian regulation in humans. This group has documented how various visible and nonvisible light sources influence both hormonal balance and behavior.  This award-winning work has contributed to the lighting design for the International Space Station and to schedules for light and dark exposure to assist the ground-based crews that support astronauts. Current studies include studying the influence of light on tumor progression and testing new light treatment devices for winter depression and other clinical conditions.   
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