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The Study Group ECD is now a member body of ISCC (USA)

The Color Association of the United States
It is always an interesting question for me when asked to introduce myself to others; do I start at the beginning or at the end? This time I will start at the end, mostly because the beginning goes back 35 years! Today as the Di-rector of The Color Association of the United States, I work with industry professionals to fore-cast consumer color preferences 24 months in advance. And while color forecasting has always been an important part of my work portfolio, it has only been a thin slice of my life-long commitment to color. My core purpose has been to increase awareness for the value of color within business, and help companies improve their value to users and overall competitive performance by making creative, substantiated and informed color decisions. To this end I earned a PhD in 2006 publishing a thesis on the value color adds to products and brands. To further my pursuit I recently co-founded a Color Big Data company that amasses colors from multiple verticals including beauty, fashion, home, auto, brands, and others, as well as academic research in the field, providing color analytics that enable better color predictions and overall evidenced-based decisions. If this is something that you are interested in, see the value of, or want to contribute to, we should talk! There is a whole new future for color on the horizon, and it is exciting, at least to me!

Sanford Wurmfeld
Images of the third (BVB-GYG) of four panels making up the next E-Cyclorama project. Panel four is underway.
Renata Pompas
The website is back online, in Italian and English, with new web design and updated content. It is divided into 3 windows: COLOR (Lia Luzzatto and Renata Pompas), FIBER ART, and TEXTILE DESIGN (both Renata Pompas), each window with different content and download links, on multiple pages.

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Canadian member of the International Colour Association